The Association called "Belgian Group for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnics" aims to promote knowledge in the field of soil mechanics and its applications.

This Association is the Belgian branch of the International Association for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnics, whose social seat is located in the Office of the Secretary General, in accordance with Article lOA of the Statutes of the International Association. Read the BGSMG statutes.

BGSMG likes to appeal to its members to actively participate in working groups, study days and more.

The Board of Directors works with a small permanent team for day-to-day operations. That team consists of the following people: Noël Huybrechts, Monika De Vos, Carine Godard and Tara De Regge.

Board of Directors

Chairman: Monika De Vos
Secretary: Noël Huybrechts
Treasurer: Wim Maekelberg

Other directors:

Alain Holeyman
Björn Buysse
Bruno Stuyts
Christian Treve
Christophe Bauduin
Eric Waffelaert
Erwin Dupont
Frédéric Collin
Gauthier Van Alboom
Hannelore Van Kriekingen
Hubert Godin
Jan Putteman
Koen Duyck
Koenraad Haelterman
Kristof Van Royen
Marc Van Den Broeck
Patrick Mengé
Peter Van Impe
Xavier Raucroix