Registratie geotechnicus/geotechnisch deskundige

Explore the website to register as a geotechnical engineer or geotechnical expert (available to all from September).

A brief word of explanation

Registration is voluntary and personal. This initiative emanating from BGSMG and (BVIGRM) is aimed at geotechnical engineers and geotechnical experts performing geotechnical assignments, as defined in the " Standard procedure geotechnical investigation (BGSMG TF2): General Provisions " (which can be downloaded from the BGSMG site under the "publicly accessible documents" section). This registration allows the candidate to communicate his/her experience and competences in the geotechnical field.

  • Candidates who have been awarded the qualification of geotechnical engineer or geotechnical expert can mention this by means of a QR code in the documents they draw up in that capacity.
  • The granted registrations are published on the website
  • An introduction video (so far only in French) is available on the website.

Process flow Registration

The actors involved in the evaluation process are:

  • The 2 coordinators
  • The evaluation team of 3 evaluators; in the start-up phase (first 50 files), the evaluation team consists only of the 2 coordinators
  • The Evaluation Committee, which ratifies or not the evaluation team's assessment, settles any different judgments within the evaluation team, and also handles any disputes and external complaints

Brief outline of the process sequence

  • The relevant coordinator (ifv language role) assesses the completeness of the file and provides feedback to the candidate
  • The coordinator puts together the evaluation team of 3 evaluators (in start-up phase the evaluation team is limited to both coordinators)
  • The evaluation team prepares the evaluation report and the coordinator reports positive/negative assessment to Assessment Committee
  • The Assessment Committee validates (after possible consultation with coordinators) the assessment team's decision
  • The candidate is notified of the result of the evaluation; in case of a positive evaluation, the candidate is asked to pay the remaining amount of the regsitration fee, after which he receives the QR code of his registration. In case of a negative evaluation, feedback on the submitted file is given through the evaluation team, and the possibility of contestation is also notified

Reference documents

The reference documents in their final form will soon be published on this site

  • Procedure (a slimmed-down version of the existing text will be added - the practical provisions can be found in the content of the web application FAQ)
  • Transitional provisions
  • Internal regulations
  • Standard procedures BGG (can be downloaded from this site under the heading "publicly accessible documents")

>> For more detailed info on the modalities of the registration project go to

Permanente professionele ontwikkeling (CPD - Continuous Professional Development)

Continuous professional development (CPD) is a necessity for any professional striving for excellence in their job.

It was therefore evident that when BGG and set up their registration project, they included CPD as an important criterion for assessing applications. The purpose of this voluntary registration is to award a seal of approval to geotechnical engineers and geotechnical experts respectively.

The CPD table with scores awarded to courses, study days ... during the last 5 years organised by BGG can be found under the separate item "CPD table events BGG". Similar tables for CPD events organised by and also by ie-net are published on their websites.