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DFI Seminar Pile Integrity testing, 12.09.2019 (Sterrebeek)

27 juni 2019 om 13:09 - door BGGG-GBMS - 0 reacties

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Existing and Innovative Methods in Pile Integrity Testing
Quality Assurance of Foundation Piles

Organized by DFI Europe in collaboration with the DFI Testing and Evaluation Committee

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About the Seminar

Quality control and quality assurance processes for foundation elements have become more and more sophisticated over the past decades. Pile load tests that provide information about the geotechnical resistance of foundation piles can be supplemented with non-destructive integrity tests to provide information on pile material quality (presence of defects such as cracks, necking, bulging, etc.) and the pile installation depth. The cost of such testing programs is much lower than the potential loss caused by an undetected defect. Different types of integrity tests have been developed to evaluate the quality of pile elements in a reliable way. DFI Europe is collaborating with DFI’s Testing and Evaluation Committee to organize this seminar about conventional and innovative pile integrity testing methods, with a focus on the possibilities and the limitations of the different methods and how to use the results. Particular attention will be given to the testing of existing foundations for reuse. This seminar is a good opportunity to exchange ideas with other scientists, engineers, manufacturers, users and clients.